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the itr academy - bespoke courses in business skills With an extensive background designing and delivering workshops across the UK to people from all walks of life, our experience is the catalyst for your model of success and the reveal in every presentation. From the intricate work of managing contracts for the Government Training Projects, where diversity and often desperate worked hand-in-hand with entrenched belief systems, building and presenting courses that had impact, effect and lasting appeal were the aim and standards. To acknowledge the fundamental purpose that every workshop should be a place where encouragement and inspiration are the paramount qualities that can make a difference to new ideas and highlight change as remarkable with opportunity. This approach when combined with new knowledge, delivered in clear and exciting modules, could engage the imagination for every delegate to readily assume opportunity as being real, and that new ideas could be improvised to suit working style and team ambitions. We believe that everyone has the right to reach for success, whatever success means to each, regardless of diversity in belief or ethnic origin. Graham has far exceeded our expectations and has been invited back on many occasions to run workshops for us. He is truly an expert in his field. The sessions were professional but fun and staff were engaged throughout, and as a Trainer myself I have learned so much from him. J. Fantom Learning Specialist N-POWER Modified into a purposeful three hour impact or delivered in a one day workshop - our courses are modern practises of business skills presented in time frames to suit your working responsibilities. Just as time is important so is adaptability of the information. We deliberately present modules meticulously staged to simulate a general workplace integration. For as flexible practises are a perception suited to individual view, not merely an isolated process or methodology, our strength in one unique ingredient is to suggest that further practise will enable the evolution of ideas, ideas that you as a business can synthesise and own. As new ideas can change dynamics, it just takes one, original interpretation to make an impact at any level of corporate structure - the subtle dimension of effective training.
The Trainer was an inspirational Business Coach with a real insight into what makes the world go round. Whatever your business proposition Graham will help you and your team to add real value C. Cox Technical Director. ITR Unique by design, our workshops are constructed to suit your business ambitions, employee development and redeployment, diversity, client-based account management, Project Management, or exceptional customer service protocols. Whether to inspire your team or up-skill your invested talents each course is focused on being interactive, creative, and thought-provoking. Most remark it is as if this was new knowledge from a well-kept secret. Knowledge that empowers leadership and moves clients to become fans, and employees to enthusiastic followers. Principles to revalue your potential, and engage in a world of realistic opportunities. The strength of recognition, the challenge to embrace new implications. Discover incredible, be impressive, see what all the fuss is about. I consider myself lucky enough to be apart of a group who received training on Customer Services. Our Trainer, Graham, indeed has that natural talent uniqueness, enthusiasm, energy and an amazing personality. His words of speech, experience and the way he delivers to an audience brings a massive positive change in ones thinking and everyday life. S. Malik Technical Support Engineer.